SPORT Clinician's Workshop


sport clinicianThe Clinician's Workshop is a "train-the-trainer" program designed to teach recreation directors and youth sports administrators the fundamentals of conducting the Rutgers SPORT Program — Supportive Parents On The Right Track.

The Rutgers SPORT Program addresses the following issues:

  • The Role of Winning in Youth Sports
  • Effective Communication
  • Setting a Good Example
  • Supportive vs. Pushy Parenting

The Clinician's Workshop is specifically designed for adult learners and will cover:

  • Administration/Teaching Tools & Techniques
  • The Rutgers SPORT Program Lesson Plans

Following attendance at the Clinician's Workshop, instructor candidates must pass a take-home exam (minimum passing score of 90%) to become eligible to teach the program. Thereafter, Clinicians must teach the clinic at least once/year to retain their certification.


Individuals attending the Clinician's Workshop receive:

  • The Rutgers SPORT Program on Powerpoint
  • Instructor's Manual
  • Sports and Your Child - 64 page guidebook
  • Clinician's Shirt - mailed following successful completion of exam