T-Ball Manual, Drills, and Practice Plans

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This is the Randolph Baseball T-Ball manual complete with gameplay guidelines, drills, and practice plans. The emphasis is on learning fundamentals and teaching a love and respect for the game. 

Coaching at the T-ball level is not always easy. Aside from feeling at some points that you are doing well just to get everyone to pay attention. That’s why the drills and practice plans are important tools in keeping the players learning, engaged and excited. Be prepared and efficient.

Assistant coaches are key! Being able to conduct these sorts of drills (and to keep things moving) is one of the reasons that we suggest “the more the better” in terms of assistant coaches – ideally you would have at least 4 coaches (including yourself) helping at each practice/game. This designs T-ball practices by outlining T-ball drills and games that will build skill development, while being fun for the players.

In Drills and Practice Plans we’ve got 7 practice plans with the drills we have included, so you can have a practice laid out for you. Be sure to stick to the practice plans as outlined. Each of the practices are going to be 90 minutes long.
The drills are divided into four main areas:
• Hitting
• Fielding / throwing
• Game play
• Scrimmage
There is an orientation, gameplay guidelines, and fundamentals section. The fundamentals are very important as those throwing, catching and hitting mechanics are what we are trying to develop at this and every level of Randolph Little League. In addition, the drill section will show you what you need to run the drill, how to run the drill and then what kind of results you should expect. 

When you get to the Practice Plans, where applicable, please be sure to break players up into groups of 3 or 4 with a coach to keep the drill and players moving. Scoring scrimmage is slowly integrated thru the first three Practice Plans. Evaluation and lineup sheets also included.

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Michael Paladino

Publish Date

August 26, 2020

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