Goal Setting for Youth Sports

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Goal setting is one of the most effective techniques for enhancing motivation and performance. Goals set direction, tell us what to do, increase effort, persistence and quality of performance. Once set, goals require that us to develop specific techniques for how to achieve those goals.

Sport psychologists have come to realize that goal setting can enhance or undermine motivation depending upon both the athlete’s personal style and the specific circumstances for which goals are set. Two patterns have emerged. First, the techniques for effective goal setting have been refined and clarified to the point where goal setting is perhaps the simplest and yet most effective motivational technique available today. Second, the effectiveness of these goal setting techniques are now known to be influenced by an athlete’s personal styles or goal orientation. Goal setting techniques properly matched to these styles enhance motivation.

Resource Author

David A. Feigley, Ph.D

Publish Date

July 15, 2020

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