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The Youth Sports Research Council introduces the “What’s New” forum a web page column refreshed every two weeks with new information designed to provide to the youth sports community with new practical information for coaches, parents and administrators. This information ranges from coaching teaching tips to new legislation affecting youth sports to the latest in sport medicine such as prevention of overuse injuries or updates on concussion guidelines. After two weeks in the “What’s New” forum, articles are moved to the appropriate column on the web page where they will continue to be accessible while new information fills the forum. Edited by Dr. David Feigley, Director of the Sports Council.

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2012 NJPN logoNew Jersey Prevention Network

CTCBA cover pictureCoaching the Child Behind The Athlete on Amazon

Kids on bench Goal Setting by Dr. David Feigley

Mental toughness pictureMental Toughness Enhancing A Sense of Control By: Dr David Feigley

MKSEMIIUG45QXJKJN47JDTTRBMStrategies for Preventing Psychological Choking in Youth Sport By: Dr David Feigley

iStock 482856683Protecting Victims Safe Sport Act

ketselmen article picWill Sports Injure My Child? By: Eugene Ketselman, DPT